1) How can I invest in cryptostake.store?

first stage:

Investing in cryptostake.store is very easy. The first step is to register on the site and then go to the deposit section and invest based on the plan you want to choose. Your deposit is made through the Tether currency in the TRON network. USDT TRC20

second stage:

After depositing Tether, go to the desired plan and activate that plan

2) Is cryptostake.store a scam and Ponzi scheme?

No because:

– The cryptostake.store investment platform officially started operating in June 2022 and consists of the best Bitcoin traders in Asia and Europe with 6 years of experience.

– In the cryptostake.store investment platform, most of the trades are done through the spot and futures section in the large Binance Bitmax and bybit exchanges.

– The cryptostake.store trading team also trades on altcoins whenever it deems appropriate.

– Investors’ profit is 1% daily . This amount of profit is given for 30 days and in total, 30% profit.

3) What are the withdraw?

After you choose the investment plan, your profit will be calculated for four weeks and at the end of the fourth week, your profit can be withdrawn along with the principal amount.

4) What is referral and is it profitable?

The referral commission on the cryptostake.store platform is 2 percent, which means that every person who invests $100 in cryptostake.store through your referral link will receive $2.

If this investment is 2 thousand dollars, you will be awarded 40 dollars.

You can calculate 2% in site plans and get your profit.


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