Bullieverse launches NFT marketplace pioneering an eBay style unbundling

Bullieverse launches NFT marketplace pioneering an eBay style unbundling

Bullieverse, an open-world, 3D metaverse gaming platform that runs on Unreal Engine, launches its asset marketplace. This would allow Bullievers (community) to buy and sell their genesis NFT collection “Citizens of Bulliever Island” and in-game assets on its platform.

The Metaverse project (Bullieverse) has its Bull NFTs on sale on OpenSea, showcasing gaming experiences like never seen before. After “Bear Hunt”, their first Game that went live earlier this year with a ‘play to mint’ feature, they are launching another NFT game “Necrodemic”. This makes Bullieverse the first web3 gaming platform to launch back-to-back NFT game blockbusters within a year. In Bear Hunt, each of the 10,000 COBI NFTs collections was brought to life in the game as players play with their 3D NFT avatars, the COBI BUweb3LLs.
Is Primary NFT Marketplaces The Best Solution For Complete Decentralization And IP Protection Of A Web3.0 NFT-Based Project?

In 2013, eBay dominated marketplaces with a Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) of $80 Billion. But since then specialised marketplaces have emerged in Etsy, Airbnb, and Zillow, getting Ebay’s valuation down to $30 Billion. This pattern is repeating itself with NFT marketplaces too. We are moving away from generic marketplaces like Opensea as specialised marketplaces with highly curated NFT collections start emerging. It just doesn’t feel right to list a high-quality generative art collection listed right next to a derivative NFT collection.

Bullieverse, which is developing a series of web3 games, are launching their much-awaited Asset Marketplace. The latest marketplace from Bullieverse will provide the NFT community with the ability to buy and sell assets to participate in the Bullieverse ecosystem. But more importantly, there are several economic model elements that these assets will reflect, which will only be functional in the in-house asset marketplace.

For instance, asset holders can increase the quality of their assets by participating in the economy. The process is termed as leveling up of NFTs. These leveled-up NFTs accrue value faster within the economy and therefore are valued higher in the secondary market. Yet, generic platforms like Opensea do not offer ecosystem-specific functionalities that allow asset holders to capture the value they have accrued through their efforts.
Bullieverse marketplace transactions will use $Bull as currency, thereby creating more utility for the $Bull token, and as a result the entire ecosystem. Bullieverse is clearly pioneering the unbundling of web3 asset marketplaces by integrating economic model elements into it.

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